Thursday, March 27, 2008

What in the heck we are doing

Why? Why must we start another blog? Well, we tried to get paid for this sort of thing, but it didn't work out, and we still have these burning opinions about comic books, so we might as well release them, like these balloon lanterns. Perhaps our opinions will spread joy and beauty. Or perhaps they will just scare animals and set trees on fire.

The brief premise of this blog is consideration, mostly in dialogue form, although probably not exclusively, of comic books in some sort of depth. One of us (Garrett) is a boy and knows more things about comic books, and the other is a girl (Hillary, me) and knows less about the history of the thing but is enthused. So we believe in knowing things, and we also believe in the freshness that can come from not. We have some other blogs too.

I think I'm going to come up with a brief Proust questionnaire for further introduction, but for now this thing is officially born, squalling and gross and red. Woo!

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