Monday, February 9, 2009

NYCC nonsense

I learned at least two things at the New York Comic Con this weekend:
1. make sure you actually take photos of people you interview;
2. make sure when you take photos, you're actually taking a photo, and not making a video.

I totally forgot to grab pictures of Fred Van Lente, Colleen Coover, or Chris Schweizer, all of whom graciously allowed me to waste their time with a few inane questions. The one creator I did try to photograph was a guy I didn't even interview, and instead of a photo it's a four second video with maybe half a second of Jeff Parker posing and then a three second tracking shot of my feet walking across a blue carpet. So a big win for professionalism this weekend, obviously. I'm just waiting on that call, New Yorker!

Anyway, yes, it was a great weekend, despite the tremendous foot-pain and my occasional incompetence. Everyone I met was awesome and almost unnecessarily polite, and thanks to the four folks named above for their time. We've got a new logo on the way, courtesy of Ms. Coover, and it looks amazing. Jeff Parker also did a sketch of Captain Marvel that'll pop up here later this week.

Best of all, though, I got to briefly meet Joe Simon before his spotlight panel. That was completely amazing, and more than made up for my fruitless search for copies of Prez. Before Mr. Simon entered the panel room he passed a completely oblivious twentysomething in the Torchwood panel line wearing a Captain America shirt that Simon almost definitely got paid nothing for. If I was making a documentary that shot would've made the cut.

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Rich said...

Sounds like it was a good time, pictures or not. That's a great group of people you got to chat with!