Wednesday, August 20, 2008

this ain't our only home

I've got a short review of the first trade paperback collection of The Umbrella Academy in this week's Weekly Dig. It's a pretty good comic, there, it is.


Anonymous said...

Finally some stuff I've read! I pretty much agree with both of your assessments. Though it was my least favorite, I was pleasantly surprised by how little Korgi bothered me. I didn't think I'd like it at all going into it, and it was a mercifully quick and pleasant read, and I liked the art.

I think Yam was my favorite too, maybe because it was so new to me, and, I thought, very well done. I was impressed at many of the twists and...punchlines? I thought most of them had that satisfying punch at the end that you look for (or I do, anyway) in a strip or short story.

The colors and art in Johnny Boo were really great, but I get more out of any given American Elf strip than I got out of that book, so it was a bit disappointing. Still, I'd buy it for a (cool) kid's birthday.


Jared said...

Oops. This was meant to go under the top shelf post, obviously.